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CrabAppleLane's internet cable is down. Literally. It's posing quite a driving hazard at night. This was taken just before sunset. My neighbor plowed into it 15 minutes later. It's about an inch in diameter and quite heavy although I didn't and won't touch it.


Mom said:

How long did the company say it would take to get out there and thread it into place? In the meantime, you have no television and no computer? See, if mine goes down, I lose telephone, television and computer. I wonder how good a deal it is to have all three tied up in one contract.

On another note, I enjoyed yesterday's blog of the day. It was very entertaining. I probably should keep a list of those blogs that you refer me to; the ones I like, I mean.

Rob said:

They said they'd be out whenever they can. I only have cable for the internet. Phones through BellSouth and TV through DirecTV.

Hi Rob,
That's a lovely picture. Drop me a line when you have a chance - you're all set up for next week - I'll send you the details.

delmer said:

Our phone cable -- that had run under the road from one side to the other -- went bad and a new line was run. This line went up the pole on the far side of the road, looped over the lower (ground, I was told) electrical wire, and down the pole on our side. It was buried at that point and then continued to the house.

It hung just barely beneath the electric wire. I mean just an inch or two.

One day I came home and the phone was out. I knew what had happened and I knew what did it. A farmer pulling the implement that I always wondered how it made it under the electric wire without snagging it snagged the phone wire.

I'm pretty sure that was the farming tool that was used anyway.

I had a greater appreciation for the electric company's wire running skills after that.

Andrea said:

Hope they get to ya soon.

Tawcan said:

Stumbled onto this site, just thought I'd say hi.

kim said:

I hope they come fix it this week, Rob. It's been too long without you already. Glad it's not affecting your TV with the big game tonight. :)

susan said:

>It's been too long without you already
I second that motion. Maybe you could call and tell them the line's on fire and it's tearing through the woods at high speed..

Rob said:

Thanks for stopping by, Tawcan.

Thanks, Kim. If my game-viewing tonight was affected, there'd be hell to pay.


I actually did mention that we're going to end up with a car upside down in our driveway but that didn't concern them at all. My neighbor, who has run into it a few times, is working it from a different angle today. I need it fixed by the weekend.

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