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A day earlier than the third promise but 8 days and 6 days later than the first and second promises respectively.

What Iíve missed while I was away:

From the She Said Yes Department: Congratulations to Nightfly. AllTheBest from CrabAppleLane.

From the Who Said They Were Dead Department: Congratulations to the Minnesota Twins. They looked hopelessly out of contention 12 games behind the red hot Detroit Tigers in June. This morning, they find themselves tied for first place with those Tigers with three games to go. Go Twins.

From the Why and Wherefore Department: Fun game Monday night for Saints fans. On to Carolina. Thatís all that should have been said but it wasnít. 1) Not going into the whys and wherefores of renovating the SuperDome instead of working on and spending money on other priorities in New Orleans and Louisiana except to say that it was absolutely the right thing to do. 2) I will also not go into the whys and wherefores of the regionís viability in the NFL. Donít know why anyone had to bring these two issues up other than their inability to let people have the moment. A pox on all of them. TravelingMermaid says essentially the same thing about the first why and wherefore.

From the Another Positive Step Towards Normalcy Department: One of my favorite New Orleans eateries, Liuzzaís, is back. They took on about 6 feet of water after the levees broke. The boss and I went there yesterday. It looks almost exactly as it did the last time I was there pre-K. They donít have their full menu yet so I couldnít get what I was really craving but thatís OK. Iíll do that next time. Liuzzaís is a New Orleans institution. It features great Italian food and other New Orleans favorites along with the coldest beer in town served in frosty mugs aka fish bowls. Had to do root beer yesterday, though. What I was craving was a meatball sandwich on garlic bread with mozzarella cheese. What I had to settle for was a delicious shrimp po-boy and onion rings. Liuzzaís is an old time neighborhood bar and grill frequented mostly by locals. It is always overcrowded because there are about three too many tables in the place. Your chair will almost always get bumped by a waitress or another patron. Whereas that facet normally would annoy me, here it is just part of the experience.

From the Where You Are Now to Where Youíre Headed Department: To Terrell Owens: This is where you are now. This is where youíre headed. You had big bucks and Hall of Fame written all over you at one time. Youíve squandered that but you can still have a good career, comfortable retirement, and maybe a Super Bowl ring or two if you can just figure out how to make headlines with your play and not all those other things.

Quote of the Day
As I serve my country, I do so with no doubts about my future. I am coming back. My family will come back. My city is coming back. After last night, all New Orleanians with a heart and some fortitude will come back. I cannot wait to get back to rebuild my home town.
LTJG Dan Buras

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "I think I just caused a fire by walking in my corduroy pants."


Mom said:

Well, since I always start with your entry, and have missed it for the past many days, now I can feel once again that my day is complete, right from the start. Welcome.

Marie said:

Welcome back to the land of the blogging.

Dave E. said:

Welcome back, Rob. I missed my daily CrabAppleLane fix.

susan said:

Man, you have the nicest mom.
Glad you're back.

Rob said:

Thanks, everyone.

Yes I do, Susan.

Nightfly said:

Good times! Welcome back to the Internet, Rob. Great game for the Saints, too. How they're nine point dogs to a banged up Panther team is beyond me.

Kem White said:

A couple days ago my son called to tell me something was wrong with our computer at home. I nearly passed out from fear that I wouldn't be able to get online for a few days. Fortunately it was just a loose cable.

Rob said:

Thanks, Fly. The spread is 7-1/2 here. I understand it. They're expecting the Saints to be flat and Steve Smith is back for the Panthers.

That fear doesn't grip me like it once did, Kem.

Rob said:

Thanks, Kim. Like to see you get back, too. :)

Mom said:

Thank you, Susan. Thank you, Robbie.

So glad you're back!! Ok,now, we all love football but puhleeze try to keep up the Suncay mornings at CA Lane - I always look for it.
BTW - thanks for the plug.

Hey Rob,
Having trouble posting a comment.. you may get this twice!
This is what I said:
1.Welcome Back!
2.Please keep up Sunday mornings at CA Lane cuz I missed it
3.Thanks for the plug.

Rob said:

And both comments are delightful, TM. Thanks.

Fi said:

Good to have you back!

I always love to hear about the New Orleans restaurants and the food they serve. Am
picturing a meatball sandwich on garlic bread with mozzarella cheese and drooling!

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