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Before I get started on todayís silly rant, I just want to direct you to one of the coolest nostalgic pics Iíve seen on the web. Falstaff was huge in these parts and that emblem is so recognizable to anyone my age or older. Reminds me of my youth when you could see the Falstaff Brewery sign from anywhere in New Orleans and also reminds me of the waitresses at Ye Olde College Inn in New Orleans bringing brown longneck Falstaffs and little Falstaff coasters to just about every table. Thanks, Marie.

On to the rant: Do we blame the machines or their programmers?

Example Number 1: I received a letter in the mail yesterday that has the following message imprinted on the outside of the envelope:

Home sweet home - but is your mortgage as sweet as it could be? Check inside to find out.

Itís from my own mortgage company. Wouldnít they know if my mortgage is as sweet as it could be? Why waste even third class postage sending this letter to me?

Example Number 2: We have a printer/copier/fax machine in my office. There are three buttons on it for you to press to put it in the mode you want it to be in. It is used as a fax machine the vast majority of the time. To use it as a copy machine, you press the copy button, place your document on the glass, and press the start button. If you want more than one copy, you press a number representing the number of copies you want and then press start. OK, letís connect the dots. My office is in New Orleans, which is area code 504. Many of our clients are in St Tammany Parish as is CrabAppleLane, which is area code 985. In order to fax to a St Tammany Parish client, the phone number will begin with 1-985. You have to enter that as 1985. You still with me? WOW. Anyway, sometimes someone will make a copy and leave the machine in ďcopyĒ mode. The next person will not notice it, put their document in place, dial his/her 1985xxxxxxx phone number and press start. The machine will then try to make 19 million, 850-something thousand copies. For best effect, put your phone number in and walk away as if youíre done so the machine will make copies until it runs out of paper.

Quote of the Day
I just tried to put the ball in play and give it my best swing. That's what I did, and it went out of the park.
Albert Pujols, St Louis Cardinals

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Geeks across this great nation are waiting in eager anticipation for this weekend, and the grand two-hour season premiere of Battlestar Galactica."


Mom said:

Your comment "For best results . . . " made me laugh. But be gentle. Sometimes people have other things on their minds.

Rob said:

I wasn't being untoward. I've done this, myself. Not only did I ruin all of the paper in the machine, I also got the embarrassing call from someone telling me they didn't get my fax.

Marie said:

I'll be laughing about those 19 million + copies all day long. I needed that.

I think your bank just wanted a chance to use the word "sweet" in a sentence. May I suggest that usage of the word "sweet" for something other than a little baby or candy or something like has officially jumped the shark. It's time for geeks to get a new word that can't be hijacked by corporations. (For the record, I've yet to use the word.)

Thanks for the link, too, Rob.

Nightfly said:

Sweet post.

OK, now that's out of my system, so onward: here at work it's the copier being too smart for its own good. If it thinks that it's jammed it will refuse to work, and give detailed instructions on which doors to open and levers to throw to clear the imaginary paper. Of course, there's no paper in this situation, and of course, there's no "CANCEL" button to order the machine to keep going.

The result is that the machine bosses around everyone else and doesn't do a lick of work. I already have coworkers like that, why do I need a copier that imitates them?

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