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Regarding the QOTD, there is nothing at all reasonable about criminal charges over a school essay. NOTHING. One essay? Shouldn't there at least be a pattern? This kid is a straight A student that has never been in any trouble before. What is a "violent essay" anyway? How many acts of violence does a person have to write about in an essay to qualify it as violent? Are criminal charges being brought because the essay was written by a student? What if it had been someone else? A novelist, a journalist, or perhaps just "a man in his 50s"? We've had shooting rampages at schools, malls, fast food restaurants, post offices, and workplaces. Should everyone who might frequent one of those places be profiled? I'm a little disappointed in the Marines, too. All a recruit has to do now is be accused of something to be disqualified from service? Shouldn't they at least wait until the police matter is resolved before they say something like "“basically, he is no longer an applicant to become a Marine”? Whatever happened to "I may not like what you have to say but ... or innocent until proven guilty"? I understand the fear for our safety but I'm not comfortable with this. Our fears are getting the best of us. Is this really how we want to live?

Classy NASCAR fans throw things at Jeff Gordon because he passed Dale Earnhardt on the total victory list. To this day, I do not know what he ever did to them to make them dislike him that much. The man can race.

Quote of the Day
In light of recent events (at Virginia Tech), that is part of the context of what happened that makes the reaction all the more reasonable
Tom Carroll, First Assistant State’s Attorney in McHenry County

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Quote from said blog: "Recently we were asked by the Lords Science and Technology Committee whether failures of online security caused real problems, or were exaggerated. While there is no doubt that many people talk up the threats, here is a real case in which online fraud has done much worse harm than simply emptying bank accounts."


Dave E. said:

I think I have more questions after reading that story on the student than I had before. And I'm not exactly impressed with the kid's writing either. If I were his teacher I'd bring it to someone's attention. How it rises to criminal however, I don't get.

Rob said:

I'm not impressed with his writing, either, or his timing. He's a bright kid and he had to know he was going to strike a nerve. I also agree it should be brought to someone's attention but that attention should have stopped at the principal and the parents. The police and the Marine Corps need not be in the loop yet.

Mom said:

I don't know. He sounded pretty crazy to me. The Marine Corps doesn't need anyone like that, but I don't know that it was the school's responsibility to report him. But if not the school, who? I think the parents would have been glad to ship him out. Even though he was a 4.2 GPA student, that only tells a portion of his story. What we read didn't address what his sociability factor was. He might have been like Cho, unable to have any kind of interaction with others.

Rob said:

We're in agreement, Mom. I think there has to be more than this before criminal charges are pressed, before his Marine Corps career is ruined, and before he's thrown out of school. He has two lawyers already so I'm also thinking there may be more here than meets the eye.

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