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Here's what I'm thinking: work has been plenty busy lately, so I'm planning a "get away from it all" vacation the week of August 5-11. I found out that Frontier has a $100 one-way fare back to Phoenix from Memphis, so I'm thinking of renting a car and: a) taking the I-10 route from Phoenix to New Orleans with stops in El Paso, San Antonio, Austin (three places I've never been before), b) a night in New Orleans (been there many times), but then - get this - a drive up to Memphis via the River along Highway 61. Anyone out there have any ideas for favorite stops along this route, especially that last stretch?


Rob said:

Take a detour off of Hwy 61 and drive a portion of the Natchez Trace:

Cullen said:

On your way to New Orleans, vere off I-10 at Lafayette and head south on 90. Stop at Avery Island. The Tabasco plant is there and worth a tour. The jungle garden is fantastic. The family and I stop every time we have a chance.

When heading up 61, Natchez is a great stop. Very pretty town. Check out the tourism site:

Vicksburg has casinos ... meh ... Vicksburn National Military Park is worth seeing:

I am actually moving to Memphis at the end of the month, so I hope to discover what to do there myself.

Cullen said:

Left a comment with links that's in moderation.

Thanks, Cullen, I have been to Avery Island and visted the Tabasco factory. In fact, one of my favorite memories is from my visit there. I pulled off the side of the road by a huge cane field to watch a thunderstorm form and pass by me to the east; a magical and very spiritual experience.

Cullen said:

Sounds neat, Shank. The first time the wife and I went there was during our honeymoon. Very memorable stop.

The Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site in St. Martinville is really neat as well.

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