Of punishments

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There are times when punishing someone hurts just about everyone BUT the person it intends to. Punishing Vince Young last week was like that. He was benched for the game against the Redskins for violating team rules. So he doesn't have to play in a meaningless exhibition game. That can only hurt his team, who could probably use some practice with him on the field, and the fans, who paid full price to see the game.

Michael Vick is another day closer to losing his football career. Two more of his co-defendants accepted plea deals. If he pleads guilty to felony dogfighting charges or is convicted of them, he will do time and I can't imagine how the image-conscious NFL would ever touch him again. He's done.

23 days until football season ...

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Arena Football League star wide receiver Bobby Sippio agreed to terms on a two-year contract. In his most recent AFL season, Sippio had 163 catches for 2,391 yards and 70 touchdowns with the Chicago Rush.

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