CrabAppleLane Sunday - August 19, 2007

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This is my first entry in MT4. A little math on a CrabAppleLane Sunday:

New host server + new database + new Movable Type installation = New headaches

I quit before I committed violence against my poor computer. I took on the toughest part of it first because, well, Iím an idiot. This is the out-of-the-box-up-and-running-quick-and-dirty version. ďQuick-and-dirtyĒ took the better part of a day and a couple of ibuprofen. Iíve always wanted a three-column blog so I hope I can figure out a place for everything so I can keep it and I also like that red color in the header so that will probably stay, too. The rest will be fixed when I can. In the meantime, I hope you can find your way around here. I wonít be changing the dns for a few weeks. Everything will be working here adequately before I do.

Nothing new on the spider saga. Iíve named my girl Charlotte.

Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
If you're at a pretty exact angle as the sun hits it, you can see it. Most of her victims never do.

18 days until football season ...

Quote of the Day
But that were some things there in the second quarter that went down hill there for awhile and we need to get that cleaned up. That didn't please me very much.
Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints Head Coach

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "The upgrade ran about as would be suspected. Not great."

Same here. Never thought I'd say I need to learn more about widgets. -Rob

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kim said:

Testing out the new blog. I quit upgrading at Version 3.16. :) Good luck with all of it, Rob!

Rob said:

Thanks, Kim. I would have stopped had any of them worked OK for me. This looks like fun but it might be a longer-than-expected process.

Rob said:

One other thing: This version has some really nice tools. I have barely scratched the surface. Hopefully, I'm out of the hair-pulling part and into the fun part.

delmer said:

It wouldn't be unusual for me to upgrade my blogging software before going on vacation -- but this time I'm trying to be sensible, so I'm waiting. (Maybe I'm finally growing up and getting some common sense.)

Hope it goes well.

Rob said:

Well, I wasn't all that happy earlier in the installation, delmer, but it is now progressing OK. Still have some issues to work out, though. There are some major improvements AND some major mysteries still to be sorted out.

Rob said:

You must have gotten an internal server error, delmer. A widget caused it. Resolved but I wonder how many more I'll have to deal with.

susan said:

>I quit before I committed violence against my poor computer.

I read a news article about a guy throwing one out a window recently. The policeman said there wouldn't be any charges because basically he understood how the guy felt and it didn't hurt anybody. Looks great on my end so far.

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