Sunset on the Causeway

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Sunset on the Causeway
Sunset on the Causeway

I was heading home a little later than usual last night and I'm kinda glad now. Got to see this on the Causeway. Just pointed the camera out of the window and squeezed off a few. Two came out pretty decent and the other two missed the subject. This is one of the decent ones. It was the funnel-shaped cloud that I liked. That's not to be confused with the funnel cloud, which I also liked but gave a wider berth.

15 days until football season ...

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Dave E. said:

Nice pic. I like how the cloud appears to be coming out of the setting sun. You took that on the fly?

Rob said:

On the fly, yes. I should add an unqualified

Kids, Don't Do this

Andrea said:

Gorgeous shot. I've got to remember to bookmark your new addy so I can change it on my template.

Rob said:

It's temporary, Andrea, but feel free to bookmark it. I'll leave a link on the old site until I'm ready to make the permanent move here. Hopefully, this server won't hate us all as much. :)

susan said:

That is outstanding. Congratulations on getting it in the frame.

Rob said:

Thanks, Susan. It could probably be rotated 1 or 2 degrees counter-clockwise for neater lines but I'd rather leave it in its uncorrected state.

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