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I imagine last night's Saints-Falcons game looked good to someone at sometime but I have no idea why. I suppose Michael Vick was still in their thoughts and the Saints, well, everyone wanted to get the Saints on TV after last season. Still, the Saints waxed the Falcons both times last year even with Michael Vick quarterbacking. The Falcons season went into the tank when Vick was indicted and the Saints have been disappointing all season. They are chasing the Bucs for the division and won't catch them and chasing the Vikings for the last wildcard and probably won't catch them, either, mainly because it would involve them being consistent for three straight weeks. Not likely. There were better games to showcase this week.

Gorgeous day yesterday in New Orleans. The regular readers here know I try to spend these kinds of days in City Park. I just cannot understand why more people aren't doing this. I'd say less than 20 people were there yesterday. That's not to say I don't like the peace and quiet. Below, I offer two images from beautiful City Park in New Orleans.

City Park - New Orleans, LA - December 10, 2007
City Park - New Orleans, LA - December 10, 2007 - Not a bad place to picnic.

City Park - New Orleans, LA - December 10, 2007
City Park - New Orleans, LA - December 10, 2007 - Someone did a great job cleaning up this sidewalk. It's right on Marconi Drive for those who know the area.

My City Park images.

Quote of the Day
Oh yeah, we meet again
It's like we never left
Time in between was just a dream
Did we leave this place?
Live, The Dolphin's Cry

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Ellen Susan's jewel-like photographs of contemporary American soldiers are at once intimate and revelatory."


Beautiful pictures, Rob. I completely agree with you -- gorgeous days are meant to be enjoy places like that.

In other New Orleans news: I was watching "Miller's Crossing" again last night. It's a favorite, and one of the things that has always intrigued me is where it was filmed. The scenes in that forest have always looked to me the way the New Jersey Pine Barrens should look. But the urban scenes -- no clue. But I noticed last night that at one point when Gabriel Byrne is waiting outside a door, a streetcar passes by in the background. I thought, hey, that's New Orleans (not sure why -- I've only been there once). I looked at the credits extra carefully and noticed a single line toward the end: "New Orleans casting by..."

So now I know part of the truth ...

OK, so here's one description of where the forest scenes in the movie were shot: "The scenes in Miller's Crossing, the majestic forest where destinies cross and where the Coens brought to life their seminal image of thugs in the woods, were filmed on a treefarm ninety minutes from the city, with the overcast skies the company had planned on when they scheduled their stay in New Orleans for late winter and early spring."

I do plan to watch Miller's Crossing, possibly again. I cannot decide if I've seen it or not. I'm thinking not.

I never would have thought "Miller's Crossing" was filmed in New Orleans. Is it windy there or did they use a hat to cause the hat to blow around? Anyway, City Park looks very nice. What was the temperature? In my mind, the coolest New Orleans ever gets is what I would call hot.

It was high 60s or low 70s, Kem. It gets windy in New Orleans fairly regularly. There's always wind blowing off of nearby Lake Pontchartrain. Keeps our relative humidity over the 90% mark for most of the year. Gusty conditions account for a lot of tree damage.

I'm one of the someones, as Colston's two TDs launched me over my opponent this week and kept me in the running for the lower-division playoff prize.

I love the pics from City Park and it's definitely on my must see list if I ever get down your way. I've wondered before about the lack of people in those pics. It surprises me that so few people take advantage of it.

I'd like to see Colston's hands improve a little more and maybe get even more physical with the smaller DBs but he's surely worth what they've paid him and much more than they paid for him. He's dealing himself into some big money and I'm happy for him.

Lunch in the Park, Dave? My treat.

The sky is so BLUE! Awesome!

Sounds like a good deal to me.


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