TGIF - January 11, 2008 Issue


New wood pellet stove coming to CrabAppleLane. Our current model was fried by the Great CrabAppleLane Lightning Strike of 2007. Should be installed by sometime next week. Like all of the appliances here (Cooking stove, oven, central heat) that run on fuel sources other than electricity, they all depend on electricity to work. Seems self-defeating to me but I have no head for these things.

Called out by my friend, The Great White Shank, I have to admit that my creative juices (Not a great reservoir to begin with here) have been on the wane. There's just a little more on my plate at present than normal and I haven't had the time. Eventually, I have to move the website to the new server. If it weren't for all of the photographs on the current site and my ftp program's propensity to corrupt them on transfer, it would have been done already.

My friends go to great lengths for me. I do appreciate them.

Quote of the Day
They'll have to wrench a playoff system out of my cold, dead hands.
Gordon Gee, Ohio State President

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Too often, I get the sense that OSU fans want us to be Buckeye boosters. I got an e-mail the other day saying, "How dare you pick LSU to live here, you cover Ohio State....""


Congrats on the new stove. Good luck on switching servers. Have you considered just stopping here & picking up there (rather than trying to bring everything here over)? Might be easier to deal with. Sorry to hear you're so pressed for time. You're not alone, if the blogosphere's any judge!

I could do that, Lana, but all of those photos will be lost once my current agreement with my old server runs out. It will get done. I have until November.


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