John Adams

I just finished watching the final episode of HBO’s John Adams last night. It featured stirring music, breathtaking period scenery, great performances, and compelling subject matter. I didn't read the David McCullough book that the mini-series is based on so I don't know how true they are to it but I think the filmmakers did justice to the history. John and Abigail Adams were a team in every sense of the word and that was conveyed appropriately here by Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney. Tom Wilkinson's Ben Franklin and David Morse's George Washington are wonderful. Stephen Dillane's Thomas Jefferson was a bit too reticent, I think, but that's a minor quibble. Although I found it very slow at times, it is very much worth seeing. The final episode was excellent. The portrayal of an early 1800s mastectomy was grueling to watch ... or think about for that matter. See it if you can.

135 days until football season ...

Quote of the Day
Half-fed slaves building our nation's Capitol. What possible good can come from such a place?
Abigail Adams, John Adams

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Quote from said blog: "Maybe the rest of you aren't reading the same economic news that I am. Because Festivus will say that the Federal Reserve is just a conspiracy theory and that we're really spending Confidence-backed Audacity Notes (hoping for change). And Harsh will say this is just a cyclical downturn, an extended correction, not a recession, and certainly not what we used to call an inflationary depression."


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