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Are almost ready ...

CrabAppleLane Tomato/Eggplant Garden - May 11, 2008
CrabAppleLane Tomato/Eggplant Garden - May 11, 2008

CrabAppleLane Tomatoes - May 11, 2008
CrabAppleLane Tomatoes - May 11, 2008

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Dave E. said:

I'm very jealous, up here we are a solid two weeks behind in the growing season, maybe even a bit more. If I'm going to do tomatoes this year I'll probably put starter plants in the ground just this coming weekend. I'm not sure though until I see the long range forecast at that point. It would not shock me to see a frost warning or close to it in the mix then. It's been a very cold spring here.

susan said:

Put me down for jealous too. Those are really something.

Charlotte said:

Wow - those look great, Mr. Greenthumb. I just got back from my parents place up in MS. Will be downloading (uploading?) some pix of daddy's garden later. I have one posted on my blog now. His 'maters aren't as big as yours yet.

Mr. Bingley said:

Man, my grapevines haven't even flowered yet, and you're about to pick 'maters...

Rob said:

Dave and Susan,

I think I'll be jealous, myself, when I look back at this picture in the seasons to come. The weather has been perfect throughout this growing season. There has been an almost perfect mix of sunshine and rain.

Thanks, Charlotte. Your dad's place is a little north of here. Their season is a few weeks behind.

Good to see ya, Mr Bingley. The Pontchartrain Vineyards are around the corner from me. Couldn't tell you how far along they are. They make excellent wine. Rather expensive, though.

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