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I've been wanting to see Juno since I heard about it. The screenplay was written by Diablo Cody. Much is made about Cody being an ex-stripper. She was also a blogger. I stumbled across her blog a few years ago while blog-hopping and had no idea what to make of it. Along with her excellent writing were extremely graphic pictures of herself. She was a stripper in Minnesota at the time and her blog was quite an unusual mix. Anyway, Juno is a joyous movie about a young girl growing up. All of the characters are wonderful but the star, Ellen Page, is phenomenal. I really enjoyed this film and I'm glad I waited to see it at home, where I can back up and repeat scenes I didn't get or couldn't hear on the first pass. This is the kind of movie where the dialog shouldn't be missed.

Speaking of movies, I think the new Get Smart movie will suffer the same fate as the Bewitched movie. Some characters are too embedded in and too attached to the actor who played them. Elizabeth Montgomery IS Samantha Stevens and Don Adams IS Maxwell Smart. Ironically, Steve Carell is in both movies and he'll suffer comparison in both: To Adams in Get Smart and Paul Lynde in Bewitched. Hard for me to believe that Lynde has been dead for 26 years. I have such vivid memories of his quips and his great laugh.

Peter Marshall: The average American hot dog is 14% ... what?
Paul Lynde: Edible

As for tomorrow night's Game 7 between the San Antonio Spurs and New Orleans Hornets:


I offer one from the CrabAppleLane back deck this Sunday morning.

The catbird seat - May 18, 2008
The catbird seat - May 18, 2008
The awning that provides shade for Priscilla in the foreground also provides a home for the wren in the background. One is OK with that. The other? Well, not so much.

109 days until football season ...

Quote of the Day
I don't want to give my baby to a couple who describes themselves as wholesome. I was looking for maybe a thirty-something graphic designer with a cool Asian girlfriend who kicks ass on the bass guitar, but I don't know, I don't wanna get too particular.
Juno MacGuff, Juno

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "Fox Searchlight’s Juno has now grossed over $143.1 million worldwide ($125M domestic), making the film the most successful independent movie since 2002’s My Big Fat Greek Wedding (which grossed $241.4M domestically)."

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I didn't like anything about Juno. Smart-mouthed young girls have never appealed to me in person and not in movies either. Stephen and Kellie had a copy of the movie and offered it to Sue while I was there. They had raved about it. The critics had raved about it. We all had been wanting to see it and thought we would rave about it too. Wrong.

I saw the author on David Letterman. To say he was nonplussed is putting it mildly. She was rude and crude and embarrassed herself (although she didn't know it) and everyone in the studio audience.

So there.

By coincidence, we saw the movie this weekend, too, Rob. Didn't expect much, but I really liked it. Plus, there was an odd reference to a small Illinois town (Manteno) near where I grew up. Strange, as everything else was suggestive of Minnesota (and the thing was actually filmed in Canada). I agree with you on the acting and loved the writing, too.

I could have saved you the trouble, Mom. I knew from her previous writing that she wasn't going to do anything for you.

I'd bet there is a Manteno (Mantino?) in Minnesota, too, Dan. As for the filming in Canada, IMDb has a rundown of the goofs on that score. The thing is no town except Manteno was mentioned as far as I can remember.

I was just thinking about Paul Lynde the other day, myself. He was hysterical! I can't imagine he's been gone that long, either--wow!
I really think that if anyone can possibly pull off "Get Smart," it might be Carrell. I guess we'll see.

I like the catbird seat pic, nicely done.

I was curious so I checked...There's no Manteno/Mantino in MN as far as I can tell. Cody lists her hometown as Lemont, IL though, and that's about 30 miles from Manteno, IL. Why she would reference that town I have no idea.

I saw Juno in the theater and liked it a lot.

Not long ago I was talking with my dad about Paul Lynde and mentioned that PL was gay. Dad said, "Your kidding me ... but now that you mention it, it all makes sense."

Twenty-six years though. Man.

Yeah -- no Manteno in Minnesota. When I was growing up, the one in Illinois was known for its state hospital. "Getting sent to Manteno" had a certain meaning to it.

There is a town called St. Cloud referenced twice in the movie -- that's where the adoptive couple lives. There are four St. Clouds in the United States; the snow in the movie rules out the one in Florida; the one in Wisconsin and Missouri are tiny farm burgs; that leaves the one in Minnesota.

But really ... that's just a curiosity. The locale is incidental (unless it's Chicago, and then it's all important).

I'll definitely want to see it, Lana, but I'll wait until it comes to HBO.

I think she probably just liked the sound of it or maybe it was an inside joke not meant for us, Dave. She was disparaging a lab technician at the time.

I didn't know that until I read the Wiki article on him, delmer. I'm only slightly better at picking up on things like that now then I was then. I am perhaps the most unobservant person I know.

I remember St Cloud now that you mention it, Dan. Been there. Have friends there, too. You're right. The setting is really Anywhere, USA or perhaps Anywhere, Canada.

I've hear so much about Juno, I'm really going to have to check it out at some point when my life is less chaotic.


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