CrabAppleLane Sunday - May 25, 2008 Issue


Not much happening today. Going to a friend's for a holiday weekend celebration just after I push myself away from the computer. I offer one from the CrabAppleLane backyard today. It's been done here but I never tire of it.

CrabAppleLane Dragonfly - May 25, 2008
CrabAppleLane Dragonfly - May 25, 2008
I believe this variety of dragonfly is known as Blue Dashers. The pond is full of algae (Pond scum) and I kinda liked the contrast of green and blue. Might have to start a new FlickR group.

102 days until football season ...

Quote of the Day
Let us pretend that you are a loving daughter, and I am a good father.
Marcus Aurelius, Gladiator

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "the bane of all raccoons with ill intent (note the battle scars)"


Nice shot! Dragonflies are one of the few bugs I can tolerate. They used to land on me when I'd float down the river in San Marcos, TX.

Gladiator would probably be in my top five movies if I made a list.

Thanks, Kim. I like them, too, mainly because they eat the other insects I'm not wild about like mosquitoes and gnats.

I watched Gladiator for the first time last night. Better than I expected.

Very nice picture. :)

What a gorgeous dragonfly and you were lucky to get the snap of it. I'm terrible with those. I'm getting better at birds though :)


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