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The first Saturday in May. First leg of the Triple Crown. Run for the Roses. The Kentucky Derby. CrabAppleLane goes for three in a row. I had Barbaro (WOW, has it really been two years already?) in 2006 and Street Sense last year. Full disclaimer: I know almost nothing about horses. I am strictly a casual fan. That said, it says here that Colonel John will cross the finish line first. Bet any house you have to lose.

Not many people giving the Hornets much of a chance against the Spurs in the playoffs. Appropriately so, I think. The Spurs are the gold standard. Go Hornets.

125 days until football season ...

Quote of the Day
The Hornets have me believing, though again I am picking against them in the next round, this time against those Spurs.
Sam Smith,

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "We're still cursing here. Let's get that straight right from the beginning."


So sad, the Derby. :(

Yeah, glad I didn't see it when it happened. I certainly have no need to see it now. Bummer.

This is the first Derby in a long time I didn't go to the OTB, and hence, didn't watch it on TV. Glad I missed.

I watched it and loved it, as usual. The camera never went to the downed horse. Someone told us there was an injury and then a little later the vet came on and told us the horse was euthanized. So, although it was terribly sad, I was rooting for her and for Louis and Ronnie's entry, since we didn't see anything there was nothing grim about it. Speaking of Louis and Ronnie, they were the hit of the program. I think they were interviewed three different times during the two-hour program. They did a good job.


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