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CrabAppleLane Visitor - June 6, 2008
CrabAppleLane Visitor - June 6, 2008 - 7:15PM
I believe it to be a bobcat. He's hiding behind the Texas Star Hibiscus in the pond. On the other side is where our bird/squirrel feeders are. Best shot I could get from inside.

CrabAppleLane Visitor - Another shot - June 6, 2008
CrabAppleLane Visitor - Another shot - June 6, 2008
I didn't like this one as much but it shows his tail.

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OMG! That's totally AWESOME!

Very cool. (In a "don't get too close to it" sort of way.)

Absolutely fantastic!

Bobcats in the backyard, just wonderful :)

I thought bobcats were a little larger. Did you see his bobtail? I'm sure Priscilla was well hidden while he was on site. Did he catch his breakfast?

Sure looks like one to me. Great shot. I know I'll never have one of those in my yard.

Isn't it, Lana? You know this means you have them nearby, too.

I doubt I COULD get close, delmer. He/she scooted the minute I opened the door but you're right. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. :)

Thanks, Fi. I think it is, too.

This is my first in person, Mom. All references I've found say males range from 20-30 pounds and females 15-20. This one is easily in those ranges. Would have been dinner but he ran off when I opened the back door. We have had some of the telltale signs of cat/hawk/coyote/owl activity in the yard (Clumps of feathers or fur) but not a lot of it. I don't know how much of it this one is responsible for. And Priscilla WAS out just lying on the walkway totally oblivious to the visitor that was maybe 20 yards away.

I don't know, Kem. They adapt. One piece I read somewhere says we have more bobcats in America now than we had in colonial times. If that's true, it is hard for me to comprehend.

Yikes, that beats my own little Animal Planet encounter hands down. That is amazing.

Don't think so, Susan. Love the turtle stories.

I made my comment before I went to your reference picture. I wouldn't have asked the question if I had done that first! It looks exactly like the same animal.

Wow! I'm not expert, but even before I scrolled down to see what you wrote, I thought, that's a bobcat.

Nice pics. There aren't any bobcats in my neighborhood that I know of, but last year and again this spring I've seen a fox around. A very shy fox. The bunnies are thick this year despite the harsh winter and that's bringing in some predators, including a falcon that hunts from one of the trees by my house.

My reaction was exactly the same, Marie. When I first saw it, I thought that's a bobcat. The ears are too big for it to be a domestic or feral cat. Further investigation on the web confirmed it for me. I'm convinced it is one.

I suspect bobcats are in your area, Dave. I don't think they adapt to the urban landscape the way foxes, particularly red foxes, do so they'll be harder to come by and you're only likely to see them at dusk or dawn. Patsy has seen a bobcat in action in the backyard but this is the first time for me after 13 years. As for foxes and falcons, the brown foxes around here are a little shy but the red ones can be seen frolicking quite a lot day and night. We have falcons here but I haven't seen one in a long time. You won't find either of them in the urban areas around here. I was and still am always amazed at the abundance of wildlife in Minneapolis right in the city.

I've heard stories about bobcat sightings in the outlying suburbs. It wouldn't surprise me if they have worked their way inward via the rail corridors and they just haven't been spotted yet.

Whoa. A for real machine there Rob.

We've got one at the Ranch that presides over the creek in our riding area of a hundred acres. I've only seen him (or her) once, but it surely made me feel quite alive.


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