CrabAppleLane Sunday - Father's Day Issue


A light Sunday. First things first.

Happy Father's Day.

The College World Series in Omaha has seen the higher seeds lose the first three games. It's a trend that I hope continues as lower seeded LSU takes on North Carolina right now in the fourth and final game of the first round. GEAUX Tigers.

One from the CrabAppleLane back deck this afternoon.

CrabAppleLane Tomatoes - June 15, 2008
CrabAppleLane Tomatoes - June 15, 2008
Ran out of pretty things to put them in.

81 days until football season ...

Quote of the Day
Study hard. Laugh often. Keep your honor.
Tim Russert

Blog of the day here.

Quote from said blog: "The tornado's path started only a few blocks from here, but with new evidence it may have started less than that, as in across the street."


Sue would love to have some of those if any are excess to your needs. I told her everyone says they are the best. Go Fleetfoot!

Your tomatoes look just perfect.

Fabulous crop of tomatoes! Well done.

So, what are you going to do with them all?

I'm trying to figure out a way to get them to her, Mom. We do have more than a few in excess of our needs and I know Sue likes them.

Thanks, Marie. They taste better than they look. No insecticide, no chemical fertilizers, and definitely no salmonella. :)

At this moment, I don't know what we're going to do, Fi. We've eaten 2 or 3 dozen over the last few weeks, given away 10-12 dozen, and we still have these and quite a few more still on the bushes. It's a pleasant dilemma.

When I was growing up, my mother had a lot of ways to use up her home-grown tomatoes. One was something that everyone here says "ewwwwww," but I remember as being very tasty: chopped up chilled tomatoes sprinkled with sugar. A dessert!! Who knew?

My older son and 3 of his best buddies are in the midst of a post-graduation, 2 week cross-country baseball tour. They've been to eight major league parks. Their last game was last night in Omaha to see the ACC's UNC beat LSU. (My condolences.) Today it's on to Cincinnati then home on Tuesday. (All told, they probably drove 8000 miles out to CA and back. I couldn't be more jealous.)

And that's just downright sadistic showing off those beautiful tomatoes to those of us stuck having to purchase them.

The tomatoes are wonderful looking. Mine are just starting to turn (see my blog entry from Sunday). I can't wait till they are ready to eat!

Can't do the sugar thing, Mom. Salt only.

I envy your son, too. UNC looks good to get out of the bracket, Kem. They'll probably play Georgia in the final. Not wild about the Tigers chances today against Rice. Those tomatoes taste better than they look. Yeah, I have a bit of a mean streak. :)

Yours look good, too, Chris. The ones pictured here are mostly Creole with a few of Bonnie's Best and Goliaths mixed in.


I heard your quote of the day from Tim Russert on the radio yesterday. This morning my daughter left for an 8 day tour of college campuses so I shared that notion with her. I thought it was very touching and good advice. Obviously, it struck a chord with you too. I need to go get his two books.

Oh...and ditto to all those tomato comments.

Don't you want to go visit your old job or City Park or something soon (carrying a bag of tomatoes)? :-)

The thought in that quote, his sudden death, and Father's Day made it about as timely as anything ever posted here, Hyde. It definitely struck a chord. I'd love to see City Park again soon. Patsy is bugging me to make it back to the D-Day Museum. I think we'll be doing both when the weather cools off. In other words, not any time soon. :)

I cannot stop looking at those things.


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