The big day is finally here. As Judas Priest would say, "Here's where the talkin' ends". Kinda enjoying the talk between all of the fans, though. The players aren't getting into it much. That's a little disappointing.

I expect both teams to be ready to go tonight. Saints are short-handed. Defensive end Will Smith, wide receiver Lance Moore, and placekicker Garrett Hartley are out. Lance had a great game against the Packers last time so no doubt he'll be missed. No excuses to be made and no quarter to be offered and there's no crying in football, either.

I have two players going tonight for my fantasy team. Tight end Jimmy Graham of the Saints and wide receiver Greg Jennings of the Packers. Hope Graham has a big night.

All kinds of bouquets being thrown at Ted Thompson, Aaron Rodgers, and Green Bay fans nowadays. Thompson and Rodgers have earned them. Not sure about the rest of it, though. The "Green Bay way", in particular, bothers me. The nonchalance. It's part of "their culture". Don't celebrate. Put up the trophy, hang the banner, and leave room for others. Just another day at the office, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, well, part of the Green Bay culture also had many of those same Green Bay fans sending death threats to Thompson and Rodgers over the Brett Favre situation just a few years ago. They booed Rodgers in his first training camp. Convenient memories up there in Green Bay.

Man up, Pack. The Saints are coming.

Saints v Packers tonight.

GEAUX Saints

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