Texans v Saints

When the Saints are on defense: It will be good to have Will Smith back this week. The pass rush was pretty good this past week against the Bears but I think that might have been the result of one of the dumbest offensive game plans I've ever seen. Thank you, Mike Martz. I don't expect the Texans to be like that. They'll stick to their running game and mix in some passing plays off of play action. Their cutback running concerns me. The Saints have been known to over-commit and get sealed off. That naked bootleg Matt Schaub does has also been very effective against the Saints in preseason games. The defense is going to have to get the Texans in 3rd down passing situations and they're going to have to get off of the field once in a while. A turnover or two wouldn't hurt, either.

When the Saints are on offense: The Saints haven't seen this Texans 3-4 defense except this past preseason when both teams played as vanilla as they could. Their defense won't be as conservative as the Bears were last week. Throw the Colts game out. Kerry Collins had maybe two weeks of practice in a new system. He was hopeless. The Dolphins were able to run downhill on them, though. Here's a chance for all of the Saints running backs to see what they can do. The passing game will be there. The formula for the Saints has been the same for three years now. If they take care of the ball, they'll take care of the Texans. Wouldn't hurt if they got off to a faster start, though.

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