Thoughts on Saints-Packers

Two old problems plagued the Saints last night.

On offense, it's short yardage. It's been a problem since Sean Payton got here. Most people only saw it in the Super Bowl two years ago when two tries to get one yard failed. We saw it again last night ... twice. Saints fans have been seeing it for a long time now. They can make 3rd and 18 but they can't get one yard when they need it. Not sure what the answer is but they'd better find it. It comes up a lot.

On defense, it's the pass rush. The return of Will Smith in two weeks will help there but I think this will probably be an area of concern whenever they play good teams.

I'm kinda surprised at the doom and gloom coming out of some people about this one loss. The defense had some problems but they also got some stops. The Saints spent the whole game chasing the Packers but they might not have without that early turnover. It was an exciting game. Tip of the cap to the Packers on a well-earned victory but the season is certainly not lost here.

In fantasy football, Greg Jennings got an early score for me and Jimmy Graham got a late one so there's that. :)

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