Falcons - Saints week

Kinda quiet this week so far. I think that may be because the Saints and Falcons fans are both unsure of what they have. The Falcons have looked good at times, bad at times, and puzzling at times. The same can be said of the Saints. How do you follow a spectacular blowout win of a bad team with a blowout loss to another bad team? Yes, the Saints were blown out of the Rams game. The Saints led wire-to-wire last week against the equally puzzling Bucs but they didn't really ever put the game away. This is not a must win game for the Saints but they can surely help themselves with one.

Offering my disappointing WR, Larry Fitzgerald, up in a trade for disappointing RB, Chris Johnson, this week before our fantasy football trade deadline. Not sure either player will help either team but I have to do something.

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