Friday five

Glad someone sees something in Usama Young. He was a good special teams player in New Orleans and a decent tackler but never much more than that. He was a liability on defense.

Drew Brees was on Leno last night. It wasn't long enough.

When Norv Turner is sent packing at the end of the season, the Chargers had better send AJ Smith with him. Perennial underachievers.

Tim Tebow still wowing them.

From Pete Prisco:

They go to the bye with a 7-3 record and atop the NFC South. They still need to tighten up that defense.

If their offense starts hitting their stride and takes care of the ball, Pete will be quite surprised how good the Saints defense is. It's not the Steel Curtain but it can get the job done when the offense is playing up to its potential.

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