Thoughts on Saints-Giants

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Looks like teams are really starting to clamp down on Sproles. Time to start getting the ball to Meachem and Henderson again.

The Saints will always have a matchup advantage when Jimmy Graham is covered man to man. As he develops more confidence and gains more experience, he should start cleaning up his routes and dropped passes. He'll be almost unstoppable and will command double coverage wherever he goes. Big advantage: Saints.

I like that Mark Ingram caught two passes Monday night. Previously, it was a given that a running play was coming if Ingram was on the field.

I like that there were no turnovers. The Saints almost always win when they take care of the ball.

I love 200+ yards rushing. That will command respect from defenses. If the defense is always going to be in nickel, their DBs will have to make tackles on the Saints RBs running downhill.


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