CrapAppleLanes Top 10 Karaoke Duets List

So, this weekend my wife got me a bit buzzed at a party and dragged me onto the stage for some Karaoke. I hate karaoke. But, for her… I took a shot at it. And let me tell you, if was sort of fun. I truly believe I needed a few shots in me to build up the courage to get out there and sing my life away, which is what I did.

Today’s post is written by my wife, Gail. Gail is an avid karaoke goer and contributes by writing reviews for this website. I asked her post today because I wanted to include our hobbies into one. She was happy to hear about this idea and wanted to get started on it right away.

Karaoke is a Japanese word which can be directly translated as an empty orchestra. It is characterized with an amateur singer singing along a recorded music using a PA as she reads the lyrics displayed on a screen. The songs that can be sung well can either be done by a single artist of the duet.

Some of the best duet songs for karaoke include:

U Got The Look
This was written by Prince in the year 1987. It has areas where the singers get to sing together verse one to each other and shout the word baibe. It was performed by t Prince and Sheena. Its another fun song that will keep people dancing along.

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
This is a fun duet with Kiki Dee and Elton John. It was produced in the 70’s and has been used in shows like the family guy. Once you start singing it, it is hard to put the mic down. It has been topping the chat for over 30 years and still is a good song.

I’ll be missing you
This was done by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans in 1997 as a tribute for Notorious BIG. It is mostly sung at funerals. It is full of emotions and therefore not just sung for entertainment but also for relaying a message to a crown that are in a somber mood.

Endless love
This was done by Diana Ross and Lionel having been written by Lionel in the beginning of 1981. It becomes perfect when one has harmonized the song. Lovers can sing it together and share their emotions in this love song.

Under Pressure
As tough as it may seem, to sing Queen and David Bowie’s song is enjoyable to sing along. It keeps people dancing through it. It has very high notes that may be used for practice by one who wants to further his or her singing career or talent.


As noted, most of the best duet songs for karaoke are the oldies and not necessarily for kids. However, they are still good for singing along during parties or other events. We own two Karaoke machines, the Entertech ET19K and The Singing Machine iSM-1028 as not all are the same. I would find one that works with your iPod and has a nice screen to read the lyrics.