MSN Issues Sunday

Thought I had my internet connection issues resolved when I signed up for an MSN account. MSN has six access numbers that are not long distance to me. All of them were consistently getting better connections than I am getting now. Alas, it isn’t to be. Microsoft (MSN), in their ever-increasing zeal to control the universe, does not allow mail to be sent to unauthorized mail servers. What servers are unauthorized, you ask? Answer: Every one but theirs. What that means is I can receive my mail but any mail I send out would have to use my MSN address. That is not acceptable here and the account was cancelled with extreme prejudice. I’m not angry, though. Not me!

More on that wonderful practice here. Another one of their dirty tricks: Technical support not related to billing is a 1-3 minute wait on hold. Cancelling an account is a 20-30 minute wait on hold. I just love it.

And the search for a decent connection resumes……..