No One Likes High Volumes!

Imagine enjoying the next Sunday night football game to only clamp down on your ears as your your wife starts up the vacuum cleaner. I’ve recently experienced something similar while enjoying the game with a few friends, except it wasn’t anyone’s wife making the ruckus rather our editor who timed his weekly room vacuuming session to the mark. He always keeps his canister vacuum in his cabin and every week without fail takes it out for a spin. You would think walls might keep the noise levels down but then you would be wrong – just ask anyone in the test session.



So, this post is more of a benign reminder to our editor that there are some rather silent vacuum cleaners out there in the market worth investigating!

 Upright Vacuums – Strictly off our list as even the quietest of all cleaners register a high decibel level. Miele S series is noted by Consumer Reports to have the lowest noise levels and yet it is noisy. So, do us a favor and don’t go for these.

Canister Vacuums – With long hoses, tools canister vacuums are lighter and usually less noisy than the previous type. However, they too make some noise. In this category LG Kompressor and Electrolux UltraSilencer take the top honors.

Small Vacuums – Handheld units are supposed to be less noisy. Note to our editor, change your handheld today because what you have is decades old in our opinion. Get a Eureka Easy Clean 71B or even the Hoover Platinum LiNX if you really want us to be happy and respectful the next time you decide for a cabin cleaning.

Robo Vacs – But to be honest, if you really want a quite vacuum cleaner then try these automated vacuum cleaners. As per vacuum cleaner reviews, robotic vacuums are slow but they are automated and can be programmed to clean when no one is in the office! Better yet, ask the janitor to give your cabin a clean if you really want everyone to avoid the noises.