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Pressure Washing Our Cars – How We Did It

Using a pressure washer to clean your car is fun and simple in many ways. They have a powerful spray that cleans the dirt off the car immediately. I personally use a pressure washer to clean my car instead of rubbing the car with cloth; it not only saves time but also is very fast. If you haven’t yet bought a pressure washer, then I recommend the Ex-Cell Pressure Washer. I recommend this model and brand because we at CrabAppleLane so our research and looking up tons of pressure washer reviews. We also found that this band is easily available in the market.

One of the most important uses of Ex-Cell Pressure Washer is that it not only helps to clean your car but can be used to clean just anything. The biggest advantage of a pressure washer is that it cleans the dirt better and uses less water. This is very useful if you live in a drought area and it also has less runoff to storm drains, which means you are keeping the groundwater clean.
You will need certain items to clean your car. You will require two large towels or Chamois. You need a mitt or sponge, a bucket, and car wash soap. You might just need a cap full of soap as it is very concentrated. Then fill the bucket with the hose, which will then go to the pressure washer. Once it is filled put the hose back and turn it on.

Park your car in a proper area to wash it. You can also keep the car on the lawn, as to wash your car and to water the grass at same instance and also prevent soapy runoff.
These are the steps that you need to follow when you are ready to keep in mind of the following steps. Keep the widest angle spray tip and start from the front and then go towards the rear, thoroughly rinse the car and make sure to clean all the dirt and the mud. Use a sponge or mitt to soap the car and then rinse car from the top to back, thoroughly removing the soapy water off the car. Then dry the car from the top first, the dry the sunniest side and shady side last.

Check out this sweet video, you’ll learn a lot!

With the help of this personal pressure washer, you can achieve a clean and tidy car without any hustle or tussle. Using this pressure washer will not only save you a lot of time but also will protect the environment as it uses much less water than usual cleaning process. Through the use of the powerful spray, you can clean the dirt and mud within no time. I am speaking from my personal experience that you will find this job much more fun and easy to do. Your car will look new after every wash.