More Unwelcoming News

I had yet another rather unwelcome, expensive auto repair yesterday. This time it was the power steering pump. I’m starting to dread Thursdays. It also looks like my truck engine is on its last legs. It is leaking oil from almost everywhere although not much of it ends up in my driveway so I suppose I can live with it a little longer. It hasn’t stranded me yet so I’ll cross my fingers and we’ll go as far as it can before replacing it. The engine has served me well. It has over 300,000 miles. Unfortunately for me, I probably need to get about three more years of every day use out of the truck. It has been very good to me and works pretty hard for me so I really shouldn’t complain.

Finished watching the Altered States DVD last night. I hadn’t seen it since it came out. The imagery is kind of cheesy by today’s standards and the film looks a tad dated but the concept is still great. I enjoyed it once again. This film made William Hurt a star.