This Basement Is A Runner’s Dream Come True

What inspires you to exercise and run or walk? Obviously, the first inspiration will be to stay fit, healthy or lose weight. Losing weight is a great inspiration alone. But what if you cannot go out to walk or run in the parks or walking sites in the morning or evenings? Obviously, you will buy a treadmill to fulfill the purpose. Fair enough, but will it be the same as walking amongst so many people who share the same passion? No, you will be walking or running all alone and it will get boring and lonely at some time and you will lose your inspiration.

Check this out:

Looking at the article above, Mike Padilla greatly restored his basement for a passionate runner by transforming it completely. It used to become dull before but now when you enter the basement, you will actually enjoy the time spent on your treadmill there and you will have n account of how much you have walked while reading the quotes and watching the screen or just enjoying the overall ambiance and atmosphere. In fact, this type of renovation will actually attract your other family members to walk and run and spend time in the basement who initially were not fond of walking.

I love to stay fit and healthy and walking is the best exercise for it, but cannot find time to walk. My treadmill I got from is also lying around in my room which I hardly use. From quite some, I was looking for a way to transform a portion of my room or house into a walking area but did not how to. After reading the article above I found the perfect solution to my problem. I do not have a basement but an extra room which I can convert into a man cave around the treadmill and for this, I got the perfect inspiration.

I have decided to get the walls painted to a bright color so that it gets me in a happy mood instantly and also installing a screen on the front wall of my treadmill. I will get pictures and postures of inspirational quotes and saying and get them fixed on the right wall. On the left, I will put comfortable sofas and chairs and a mini fridge with water and fresh fruits to enjoy and relax after a long walk or run.