Top 5 Strange Exercises In 2017 for Dudes

Everyone knows basic exercises. Pushups – pullups – squats – dips. These are common throughout the world.

You ever wondered about “strange exercises?” The ebb and flow of your body in a ‘not so regular manner’, which will help you get in formation. While they may not be a very great idea, yet people do them and those exercises have an impact on your body.

We do warn you – try them at your own risk.

The following article will inform you about the top 5 strange exercises in 2017.

  1. Skateboarding Pilates

Pilates are a great workout but recently, a new trend is being set i.e. performing Pilates via skateboards.

The additional skateboard provides an extra opportunity to perform exercises which makes all the workout more worthwhile in nature.

  1. Alligator Drags

Imagine dragging yourself like an alligator on the gym floor. Your friends will think of this as a new height of silliness. But actually, it is a great exercise.

When you move your upper body in a dragging sort of way, pressure is put on your core muscles. If done correctly, this could be one of the most effective exercises you could perform inside your gym.

The coolest thing is that you don’t any fancy equipment to perform this exercise. This exercise can be performed inside the gym as well as inside your home.

Place both feet on a slideboard. You can also put both your feet on separate Valslides. Get into a push up position and tighten your core. March forward while dragging your legs behind. It is important to keep your legs straight.

  1. Inversion Tables

Presenting the cure to your spinal problems. Inversion tables consist of mechanical benches, which provide inversion therapy benefits.

Inside inversion therapy, a person has to flex his spine. The inverted position reverses the harmful effects of gravity and is known as one of the most effective treatment procedures of back issues, joint problems and mental stress.

Inversion tables come with a bench, on which a user can lie down (check out these inversion table reviews here to see more info). With the motion of feet, you can cascade up and down inside the air, while bending your back. This is all possible through a mechanical pivot point.

The outcome relaxes back muscles and increases flexibility inside the body.

  1. Crawling

You might laugh at the absurdity of this “new” workout; considering you did plenty of this in your period of infancy. But, shockingly, this is something every teenager and adult should do. Crawling is known to tone up core muscles, increase flexibility and make you more mobile.

People seem to gravitate towards the good old “crawling”. You have two options – either crawl like a baby on your knees or try jumping, one – two inches off the ground.

  1. Kangoo

Kangoo is a workout dance, inspired from the moves of a “kangaroo”. The high intensity dance is a good opportunity for cardio.

You may look a little silly doing it but hey ‘if it’s stupid and it works – it’s not really stupid’

To give you more an an idea of what we’re talking about… this video makes it all much more real!